Saturday, 27 July 2013

whose fault ?

Found this now and decided to share with you guys. Oh you can replace it with a female if you wish .
 Why i am single..!!!
Last week was my birthday....!!!!
My wife didn't wish me.... My parents forgot and so did my kids....
I went to work.. Even my colleagues didn't wish me..
As I entered my cabin my secretary said, "Happy Birthday Boss"..
I felt so special.... She asked me out to lunch....
After lunch, she invited me to her apartment.... i felt she wanted sex , without hesitating i agreed
WE went there.... She said, "Do you mind if i go into the bedroom for a minute ?"
"OKAY", I said.... She came out 5minutes later with a cake And My Wife, My Parents, My Kids, My Friends
& My Colleagues....!!!
All Screaming, SURPRISE....!!!
And I was waiting on the sofa naked....!!!

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