Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ways A Woman Can Kill A Guy's Feelings

Men are very sensitive creatures that are way too cautious of their FEELINGS and there are certainly many ways women destroys these feelings without even knowing they're doing so. But a few are too obvious to ignore.

1: Fear Of Other People's View

For the fear of what others think, in a public place, any time your guy tries to put his arms around you, you slip out. When he goes in for a kiss you give him the cheek. Stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking! You just rejected your guy for the approval of people you’ll never see again.
2: Not Being Confident With Yourself

When your man try to compliment you maybe on your look, you pay him back with ten reasons why it’s not true, or a list of things that are wrong with you. I guarantee you this is very annoying to guys and it kills a man's emotion towards a woman as wild fire. A "thank you" wouldn't harm you in any way.

3: Scheduling Time For Affection

Guess what: affection isn't meant to be scheduled! So what if you were in the middle of work thing in your computer when he came up behind you to hug you? You can close the laptop for five minutes to engage in some sweetness. If you always brush him off and make him feel like a nuisance for giving you affection, he’ll stop and that's BAD for BUSINESS.

4: Keeping Things From Him

Your guy finding out something about you, from a co-worker, your mom, friends etc., something you would ordinarily want him to care about but then you feel letting him know would be a burden then you refused to tell him. Wow...this thinking is way too depressing than you avoiding to burden him. Regardless of the situation the one man that you care about should know was-up with you at anytime before others.

5: Hiding Your Own Feelings When Hurt

If he says something that hurts you, and you know it’s not intentional, you lecture yourself in your own head,rather than expressing your true feelings about it. A guy always know when his girl is silently sulking, and when you keep quiet, or turn over in bed, or go for a walk when you’re obviously hurting, he reads this as you just being a very private person and/or don’t believe he has the tools to help you feel better. This attitude kills a man's feelings towards a woman very quickly.

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