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D'Banj 's Biography

Full Biography

D’Banj was born as Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo in the Northern city of Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria to an artillery Officer and a church dignitary whom hailed from Shagamu in Ogun state.
Due to his father’s job, D’Banj moved several times within Nigeria as well as abroad to India.

Evolution of D'banj

The KokoMaster as a young student of the Nigerian Military School, Zaria. 1991


Look Out for STAR’s Big Announcement

Last year, they continued their support for the music industry, with Star Quest and Star Trek. Then they commissioned that star-studded single ‘Let’s get the party STAR-ted’ featuring 2face, Wizkid, D’Banj and many more artistes.
Now, the leading beer brand is working on another major music project, according to those in the know.
Scheduled to be unveiled on Wednesday February 27, the new product, we’ve been told, could change the way Nigerians experience music.
The official e-vite says Star is making ‘a historic announcement’, and guests are expected to include music stars, movie stars, journalists, bloggers, and entertainment industry executives.

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12 Funniest People Caught Sleeping on the Job

Now you understand why your apartment was robbed 3 times last year. 

10 Odd Wedding Rituals

The annoying ritual of making noise at the home of newlyweds
The annoying ritual of  making noise at the home of newlyweds
Charivari is probably the most annoying wedding-related tradition we've ever heard of. It is a French folk custom in which the community gives a noisy, discordant mock serenade at the home of newlyweds while also pounding on pots and pans . It has been documented since the Middle Ages but likely was traditional before that. It was first recorded in France as a regular wedding activity to celebrate the nuptials at some point after the vows had been taken.

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Denrele Edun's tributes to Goldie

My super star friend sways away and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says "she's gone"...Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as gorgeous now as when last I saw her. Her slightly disappearing figure and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

And just at that moment, when someone at my side says she's gone, there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon and other voices take up a glad shout - There she comes! That is what dying is - an horizon and just the limit of our sight.

My lifeline, my lexicon, therapist and support system…we have known lots of pleasure, at times endured ppai, we have lived in the sunshine and walked in the rain. I had acute malaria (was shaking terribly) but performed “skibobo” with you at the Industry Night and Loud&Proud show, I sprained my ankle but still shot your three videos in a row in S/A.

39 Ways to Live, and Not Merely Exist

"The proper function of man is to live - not to exist." -- Jack London

Too often we go through life on autopilot, going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it.

That's fine, and comfortable, until you have gone through another year without having done anything, without having really lived life.

That's fine, until you have reached old age and look back on life with regrets.

That's fine, until you see your kids go off to college and realize that you missed their childhoods.

It's not fine. If you want to truly live life, to really experience it, to enjoy it to the fullest, instead of barely scraping by and only living a life of existence, then you need to find ways to break free from the mold and drink from life.

What follows is just a list of ideas, obvious ones mostly that you could have thought of yourself, but that I hope are useful reminders. We all need reminders sometimes. If you find this useful, print it out, and start using it. Today.

  1. Love. Perhaps the most important. Fall in love, if you aren't already. If you have, fall in love with your partner all over again. Abandon caution and let your heart be broken. Or love family members, friends, anyone -- it doesn't have to be romantic love. Love all of humanity, one person at a time.

  2. Get outside. Don't let yourself be shut indoors. Go out when it's raining. Walk on the beach. Hike through the woods. Swim in a freezing lake. Bask in the sun. Play sports, or walk barefoot through grass. Pay close attention to nature.

  3. Savor food. Don't just eat your food, but really enjoy it. Feel the texture, the bursts of flavors. Savor every bite. If you limit your intake of sweets, it will make the small treats you give yourself (berries or dark chocolate are my favorites) even more enjoyable. And when you do have them, really, really savor them. Slowly.

  4. Create a morning ritual. Wake early and greet the day. Watch the sun rise. Out loud, tell yourself that you will not waste this day, which is a gift. You will be compassionate to your fellow human beings, and live every moment to its fullest. Stretch or meditate or exercise as part of your ritual. Enjoy some coffee.

  5. Take chances. We often live our lives too cautiously, worried about what might go wrong. Be bold, risk it all. Quit your job and go to business for yourself (plan it out first!), or go up to that girl you've liked for a long time and ask her out. What do you have to lose?

  6. Follow excitement. Try to find the things in life that excite you, and then go after them. Make life one exciting adventure after another (with perhaps some quiet times in between).

  7. Find your passion. Similar to the above tip, this one asks you to find your calling. Make your living by doing the thing you love to do. First, think about what you really love to do. There may be many things. Find out how you can make a living doing it. It may be difficult, but you only live once.

  8. Get out of your cubicle. Do you sit all day in front of computer, shuffling papers and taking phone calls and chatting on the Internet? Don't waste your days like this. Break free from the cubicle environment, and do your work on a laptop, in a coffee shop, or on a boat, or in a log cabin. This may require a change of jobs, or becoming a freelancer. It's worth it.

  9. Turn off the TV. How many hours will we waste away in front of the boob tube? How many hours do we have to live? Do the math, then unplug the TV. Only plug it back in when you have a DVD of a movie you love. Otherwise, keep it off and find other stuff to do. Don't know what to do? Read further.

  10. Pull away from Internet. You're reading something on the Internet right now. And, with the exception of this article, it is just more wasting away of your precious time. You cannot get these minutes back. Unplug the Internet, then get out of your office or house. Right now! And go and do something.

  11. Travel. Sure, you want to travel some day. When you have vacation time, or when you're older. Well, what are you waiting for? Find a way to take a trip, if not this month, then sometime soon. You may need to sell your car or stop your cable bill and stop eating out to do it, but make it happen. You are too young to not see the world. If need be, find a way to make a living by freelancing, then work while you travel. Only work an hour or two a day. Don't check email but once a week. Then use the rest of the time to see the world.

  12. Rediscover what's important. Take an hour and make a list of everything that's important to you. Add to it everything that you want to do in life. Now cut that list down to 4-5 things. Just the most important things in your life. This is your core list. This is what matters. Focus your life on these things. Make time for them.

  13. Eliminate everything else. What's going on in your life that's not on that short list? All that stuff is wasting your time, pulling your attention from what's important. As much as possible, simplify your life by eliminating the stuff that's not on your short list, or minimizing it.

  14. Exercise. Get off the couch and go for a walk. Eventually try running. Or do some push ups and crunches. Or swim or bike or row. Or go for a hike. Whatever you do, get active, and you'll love it. And life will be more alive.

  15. Be positive. Learn to recognize the negative thoughts you have. These are the self-doubts, the criticisms of others, the complaints, the reasons you can't do something. Then stop yourself when you have these thoughts, and replace them with positive thoughts. Solutions. You can do this!

  16. Open your heart. Is your heart a closed bundle of scar tissue? Learn to open it, have it ready to receive love, to give love unconditionally. If you have a problem with this, talk to someone about it. And practice makes perfect.

  17. Kiss in the rain. Seize the moment and be romantic. Raining outside? Grab your lover and give her a passionate kiss. Driving home? Stop the car and pick some wildflowers. Send her a love note. Dress sexy for him.

  18. Face your fears. What are you most afraid of? What is holding you back? Whatever it is, recognize it, and face it. Do what you are most afraid of. Afraid of heights? Go to the tallest building, and look down over the edge. Only by facing our fears can we be free of them.

  19. When you suffer, suffer. Life isn't all about fun and games. Suffering is an inevitable part of life. We lose our jobs. We lose our lovers. We lose our pets. We get physically injured or sick. A loved one becomes sick. A parent dies. Learn to feel the pain intensely, and really grieve. This is a part of life -- really feel the pain. And when you're done, move on, and find joy.

  20. Slow down. Life moves along at such a rapid pace these days. It's not healthy, and it's not conducive to living. Practice doing everything slowly -- everything, from eating to walking to driving to working to reading. Enjoy what you do. Learn to move at a snail's pace.

  21. Touch humanity. Get out of your house and manicured neighborhoods, and find those who live in worse conditions. Meet them, talk to them, understand them. Live among them. Be one of them. Give up your materialistic lifestyle.

  22. Volunteer. Help at homeless soup kitchens. Learn compassion, and learn to help ease the suffering of others. Help the sick, those with disabilities, those who are dying.

  23. Play with children. Children, more than anyone else, know how to live. They experience everything in the moment, fully. When they get hurt, they really cry. When they play, they really have fun. Learn from them, instead of thinking you know so much more than them. Play with them, and learn to be joyful like them.

  24. Talk to old people. There is no one wiser, more experienced, more learned, than those who have lived through life. They can tell you amazing stories. Give you advice on making a marriage last or staying out of debt. Tell you about their regrets, so you can learn from them and avoid the same mistakes. They are the wisdom of our society -- take advantage of their existence while they're still around.

  25. Learn new skills. Constantly improve yourself instead of standing still -- not because you're so imperfect now, but because it is gratifying and satisfying. You should accept yourself as you are, and learn to love who you are, but still try to improve -- if only because the process of improvement is life itself.

  26. Find spirituality. For some, this means finding God or Jesus or Allah or Buddha. For others, this means becoming in tune with the spirits of our ancestors, or with nature. For still others, this just means an inner energy. Whatever spirituality means for you, rediscover it, and its power.

  27. Take mini-retirements. Don't leave the joy of retirement until you are too old to enjoy it. Do it now, while you're young. It makes working that much more worth it. Find ways to take a year off every few years. Save up, sell your home, your possessions, and travel. Live simply, but live, without having to work. Enjoy life, then go back to work and save up enough money to do it again in a couple of years.

  28. Do nothing. Despite the tip above that we should find excitement, there is value in doing nothing as well. Not doing nothing as in reading, or taking a nap, or watching TV, or meditating. Doing nothing as in sitting there, doing nothing. Just learning to be still, in silence, to hear our inner voice, to be in tune with life. Do this daily if possible.

  29. Stop playing video games. They might be fun, but they can take up way too much time. If you spend a lot of time playing online games, or computer solitaire, or Wii or Gameboy or whatever, consider going a week without it. Then find something else to do, outside.

  30. Watch sunsets, daily. One of the most beautiful times of day. Make it a daily ritual to find a good spot to watch the sunset, perhaps having a light dinner while you do so.

  31. Stop reading magazines. They're basically crap. And they waste your time and money. Cancel your subscriptions and walk past them at the news stands. If you have to read something, read a trashy novel or even better, read Dumb Little Man once a day and be done.

  32. Break out from ruts. Do you do things the same way every day? Change it up. Try something new. Take a different route to work. Start your day out differently. Approach work from a new angle. Look at things from new perspectives.

  33. Stop watching the news. It's depressing and useless. If you're a news junky, this may be difficult. I haven't watch TV news or read a newspaper regularly in about two years. It hasn't hurt me a bit. Anything important, my mom tells me about.

  34. Laugh till you cry. Laughing is one of the best ways to live. Tell jokes and laugh your head off. Watch an awesome comedy. Learn to laugh at anything. Roll on the ground laughing. You'll love it.

  35. Lose control. Not only control over yourself, but control over others. It's a bad habit to try to control others -- it will only lead to stress and unhappiness for yourself and those you try to control. Let others live, and live for yourself. And lose control of yourself now and then too.

  36. Cry. Men, especially, tend to hold in our tears, but crying is an amazing release. Cry at sad movies. Cry at a funeral. Cry when you are hurt, or when somebody you love is hurt. It releases these emotions and allows us to cleanse ourselves.

  37. Make an awesome dessert. I like to make warm, soft chocolate cake. But even berries dipped in chocolate, or crepes with ice cream and fruit, or fresh apple pie, or homemade chocolate chip cookies or brownies, are great. This isn't an every day thing, but an occasional treat thing. But it's wonderful.

  38. Try something new, every week. Ask yourself: "What new thing shall I try this week?" Then be sure to do it. You don't have to learn a new language in one week, but seek new experiences. Give it a try. You might decide you want to keep it in your life.

  39. Be in the moment. Instead of thinking about things you need to do, or things that have happened to you, or worrying or planning or regretting, think about what you are doing, right now. What is around you? What smells and sounds and sights and feelings are you experiencing? Learn to do this as much as possible through meditation, but also through bringing your focus back to the present as much as you can in everything you do.

Written on 6/19/2007 by Leo Babauta, a writer, a runner and a vegetarian, and the owne

Davido's Biography

Davido (born David Adeleke) is a performing and recording artiste and also a music producer. Davido was born in Atlanta GA, USA on November 21st to Mr. And Mrs. Adeleke and attended The British International School, Lagos. Travelling between the USA, the UK and Nigeria, Davido has experienced different cultures but still stays true to his roots and this is evident in his music and the people he considers his biggest influences musically, which include Don Jazzy, 2 Face idibia, Sound Sultan and Wande Coal. Though Davido started music professionally a year ago, he has been performing and making music since the age of 11. Now 18, he has set up a record label called HKN Music, jointly owned by Davido and Ade, his older brother. The saying “If you want something done, do it yourself” is what led the brothers start the label as Davido believes that as a producer and recording artiste, he would be in the best position to create music that suits his style. When asked to choose an ideal producer to work with, he responded “...myself, because I know what I want exactly!” He is however quick to mention that he would definitely be excited to work with Sarz, Jaysleek and/or Don Jazzy.

DAVIDO's video: GOBE

 Nigerian singer Davido is set to release his music video titled "Gobe" drops Today   8pm . The video was shot in cape town, Tee Y Mix and Shizzy were of great help to the success of the shoot. Davido promised that his fans will dance a lot to the song. I can't wait to see the video.

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10 Fashion Commandments for Men

If you are of the opinion that fashion is a woman’s thing, you are so wrong! In today’s world, more men are discovering the benefits of maintaining good health and looking good. Fashion affects men far more than they are willing to admit. You don’t want to compete with you wife or girlfriend, but looking good and staying healthy should be as important to you as making money is. For a start, the following 10 commandments must be strictly adhered.

How to Dress for an Interview

The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing. That’s why it’s always important to dress professionally for a job interview, even if the work environment is casual. What’s the appropriate dress code for an interview? You’ll want that first impression to be not just a good one, but, a great one. The candidate dressed in a suit and tie is going to make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt.
Men’s Interview Attire
  • Suit (solid colour - navy or dark grey)
  • Long sleeve shirt (white or coordinated with the suit)
  • Belt
  • Tie

Tips on How to look Good Everyday

  1. When you wake up every morning, take at least a cup of water to flush your system.
  2. Do some exercises. You might want to dance, sit-up, jug or push-up for at least 10 minutes or more. It is not a must to visit a gym to exercise.
  3. Before taking your shower, apply some scrubs on your face. Apply it in a random motion in order for it to penetrate into your skin and also for the opening of the pores. Leave for about 10 minutes, and then wash with a Facial Wash. It is advisable to use warm water. Also note that when cleaning the face after bath, it is important to use a separate towel to clean your face because of the dirt your normal body towel might have been exposed to.

Healthy Tips for Women in Their 30s

Most women in their 30s feel it is the best time in their lives, many women in their 30s also have multiple roles such as mom, cook, cleaner, bread winner plus many other roles.

Women in their 30s need to make sure they are pursuing healthy living and women will at times push their own needs aside to make sure other factors or areas in their lives are being taken of first.

Many women think of others first, especially moms tend to put everyone else as priority. Moms often have a hard day of working out of the home or in the home, taking care of the kids and all the tasks that are involved with being a mom and thinking about healthy living is the last thing from a mom's mind.

However, it is of the utmost importance for women in their 30s to maintain a healthy living lifestyle so that they can be in tip top shape to continue and keep up with their busy lifestyles and live their lives to the fullest.

Here you will find 10 tips for healthy living for women in their 30s, each tip is simple and easy but will really help to make life healthy and enjoyable.



The music business is probably one of the most interesting yet difficult businesses in the world.  Music is one of those vocations that gets in your blood and keeps you dreaming throughout most of your life, unless you do something about it.  A person with great dreams can achieve great things.

If you have that dream of becoming a star, let me help you with some truths about the music business that may make the journey a little smoother and save you a lot of heartache and money along the way.

There are three elements that make anything successful – a goal, a plan and a team.  The music business is no different.  It is usually the dream that leads to the goal, but then the plan and the team seem to be a problem for most singers.  Most singers, songwriters and musicians possess a very creative mind, but they want someone else to handle the business side of things.  The artist who can develop both their creative and business minds are more likely to have great success because they understand what needs to be done and why it is being done in their careers.

How To Start A Successful Music Career

 Do you need some immediate help on how to start a successful music career? Here are 4 key things you can begin to focus on right now to begin.

Practice to become a professional musician – Continuously work on improving your musical skills, but before you think, “That’s obvious. Tell me something I don’t know”, there are important things to consider. It’s not necessarily about learning more techniques, improving your guitar speed or increasing the size of your chord vocabulary. Think about what a professional musician really needs to know and do musically. Playing your instrument well at home is one thing, but playing well consistently in the studio or on stage is completely different, thus the training and practicing required to play well in those professional environments are also very different.

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Wiz Khalifa Biography

Wiz Khalifa
Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known by the stage name Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper. He released his debut album, Show and Prove, in 2006, and signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2007. 
Born: September 8, 1987 (age 25), Minot
Full name: Cameron Jibril Thomaz
Height: 1.93 m
Partner: Amber Rose
Remember You2012O.N.I.F.C.
Black and Yellow2010Black and Yellow
Work Hard, Play Hard2012Work Hard, Play Hard
Payphone2012Now, Vol. 82

Roll Up2011Rolling Papers
Young, Wild & Free2011Mac and Devin Go to High School
It's Nothin2012O.N.I.F.C

World's oldest marathoner to retire

Fauja Singh, the world's oldest marathon runner at 101-years-old, will take part in a 10-kilometer race at the Hong Kong Marathon on Feb. 24 before he officially retires from public races.

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Chris Brown's Biography

 Chris Brown was born in 1989, which means he couldn't even buy beer when he first broke onto the scene.

But man, this R&B singer could dance! He brought the house down at the MTV Music Video Awards in 2007 and looks to be a serious performer with a bright future. Chris Brown also is mackin' it with Rihanna as of 2007 and 2008. Everything was going his way.

That is, until Chris Brown delivered an alleged beatdown to Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammys.

He is innocent until proven guilty like anyone else, but the charges against him are serious business .

It looks as though Rihanna was badly bruised - but perhaps not as much so as Chris Brown's image.

Years later, his career has recovered, but his reputation may be forever tarnished.

Richard Marx Slams Chris Brown, Grammys on Twitter

Earlier this week, a report surfaced that producers of the annual musical extravaganza insisted that stars not wear revealing clothes Sunday night.

In response, Marx dropped this gem: "'Risque' clothing banned at Grammys but guys who beat up women? Come ooonnn downnnnn.... #goodcallgrammys"

Who knew Marx - a soft rock KING in the 1980s - had such strong opinions on Chris Brown? Or a dry sense of humor? Or a Twitter account (@richardmarx)?

Team Breezy is sending him so many death threats right now.

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries Opposes Speedy Trial, Says Kim Can't Use Pregnancy to Gain Advantage

by Natalie Finn

Kris Humphries is still in as much of a rush as ever. Meaning, no rush at all.

The NBA player's lawyer has filed a motion to put the brakes on Kim Kardashian's request to set an immediate trial date to get their divorce finalized. Humphries' camp claims that the E! star is trying to gain an unfair advantage by trying to speed things along despite various delays in the discovery process.

"What are they hiding?" attorney Marshall Waller states in the filing obtained by E! News. "What is there in the raw footage of this televised courtship, 72-day marriage and resultant breakup that they are so afraid of us discovering?"

Kim's attorney maintains that her client is "handcuffed" to Kris Humphries

Marshall further claims, "What is really going on here is that an 'urgency' in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy, something the Respondent had nothing to do with, is perceived by Plaintiff as an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage by trying to force this court to prematurely set this matter for trial."

Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Pictures

Mariah Carey’s hubby, Nick Cannon joins Robin Thicke and Trey songz for reality TV show

Mariah Carey‘s husband, Nick Cannon will be joining singers, Trey Songz, Robin Thicke in an upcoming reality TV show, ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’.

The trio are joined by other popular male  celebrities including Common, Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, Jay Leno, Duane Martin and others.

The show is a semi-scripted show that follows genuine Hollywood husbands and their quest to take on challenges that come with their position as celebrities and husbands to famous women.

‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ will be aired  over Sub Saharan cable networks like Startimes, DStv and a few more.

Tuface And Annie To Get Married In Dubai

Tuface Idibia and his wife Annie have  finally come up with a wedding date after they cancelled the first wedding date February 14, the new wedding date is 23 march 2013 and the wedding won’t be taking place in Nigeria, its taking place in Dubai,UAE.

According to Afolabi Oyekoya of City People magazine the event is being planned by Annie’s friends and 2face’s management company Now Muzik. Sources also disclosed that Tuface has booked over 100 rooms in about 3 different hotels in Dubai and that he and his bride would stay in Burj’Arab with any other friends that can afford the bill.

All the best to them.

M.I prepares for third album, to speak at Harvard University

Bestselling Nigerian rapper Jude ‘M.I’ Abaga will be returning with his third album this year.
Already, the ‘Short Black Boy’ has announced he will be releasing a new single on February 21, leaving fans excited and expectant.
In related news, on Sunday, February 10, 2013, M.I will be speaking at the African Leadership conference at the prestigious Harvard University. Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will also be speaking at the conference.
The past two years have been quite busy for the rapper. Since dropping his last album, the successful ‘MI:2’ in late 2010, M.I has been appointed Vice-President for Music at Chocolate City, founded Loopy Music, was appointed as a UN ambassador for the Smuggling of Migrants and released his critically acclaimed ‘Illegal Music 2’.

Tiwa Savage Birthday-Turned-Engagement To Her Manager, Tee-Billz

social media networks (Twitter and Facebook) are rocking right now with news of Tiwa Savage’s 33rd birthday and her manager TJ aka Tee-Billz’ inevitable proposal/engagement to her. It finally happened less than an hour ago.

Here’s exclusive footage from the celebration. Praiz sang to her and other superstars like Banky W, Don Jazzy and the Mavin crew were in attendance.

Congratulations to Tiwa and T-Billz!!! May God bless your union!