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How to Spot a Cheater

 #1 The Old Phone Trick

When your partner is on the phone and you enter the room and all of a sudden your partner lowers his or her voice or even leaves the room for a split second to finish the conversation, that’s grounds for questioning.

The kicker is if the phone has a pass code yet your partner assures you that they have nothing to hide ... hmmm. And if all the evidence points to what you feared the most? The truth is, truths can be very painful, but you know eventually you’ll have to talk to your partner. At that point you need to decide whether the relationship’s worth working out or if you decide to end the relationship.


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LORI STANDING ----- owo wa lori landing
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VIDEO The brutal killing of Delsu student, Ify Gabriel Nwainokpor & friend


Policemen attached to the Badagry Police Division, Lagos State, and some hoodlums have been accused of killing a 25-year-old undergraduate of Delta State University, Ifechukwude Nwainokpor, and his friend, identified simply as Kazeem.
 An eight-minute video clip of the gruesome killing, which was made available to PUNCH Metro, showed the two victims handcuffed together. They were covered in their own blood and beaten to death with sticks. Tyres were also put round their necks.


 Loving a woman comes with huge package of responsibilities and means being there for

Wednesday Transfer News: Real target Bale returns to Spurs as Arsenal dealt Suarez blow

THIS MORNING'S transfer news sees Real Madrid up the ante for Tottenham star Gareth Bale with Zinedine Zidane calling on Daniel Levy to sell the Welshman. Meanwhile, Luis Suarez has made no approaches to the Premier League for help securing a release clause move from Liverpool to Arsenal, while Bayern Munich deny interest in Chelsea's David Luiz.

BBA THE CHASE : Beverly tells Angelo she loves him&asks if he can marry a girl like her

Last night while having a quiet intimate moment together, Nigerian rep Beverly Osu told her South African love interest Angelo that she's in love with him
"I try to deny that I love you because I’m thinking it’s too early to love you when I don’t know how you are in the outside world,” Beverly said to Angelo

PHCN workers’ severance payment begins this week – FG …disburses N21.2bn to power firms

Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo

The Federal Government has said workers of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria will start receiving the pay cheques for their severance benefits from this week in preparation for the conclusion of the privatisation of the power sector.
The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, said this at a power sector development forum organised by the Federal Ministry of Power in conjunction with a German power firm, Siemens, in Abuja on Tuesday.

Ikechukwu – Hustling and Grindin (Prod. DeeVee)

Ikechukwu Hustlin Grindin Art

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


A security guard was found sleeping at work. He was fired on the spot. He cried a lot.

Then a young man saw him crying. He went to him to hear his story. The man said, "the reason why I slept at work is because, I was at an all night prayer. I didn't have time to sleep. 



In the beginning of any relationship, normally it's all about impressing the other person with all the things you can and would do for them, but if you know that this is something you can't keep up then
don't start it. I keep on telling my fellow men all the time, if they are bringing a woman flowers every 2weeks when you get paid, believe me when I tell you, she is going to get used to it and be expecting
you to continue. Stopping will only cause problems and the relationship will eventually change and soon the relationship will be over. 

So don't start something you won’t finish.

 Be yourself, If you are interested in that person, go approach her in your simple way,don’t tell her fake lies, don’t borrow money from your friends just because you want to take her in expensive hotels, don’t borrow cars from your friends, use that old modeled car of yours… I am sure if she is well raised she will love you the way you are, not for what you have. 

And Ladies don’t over makeup, go with your natural beauty, and cease borrowing clothes from your friends, and sisters just because you want to impress him. Be yourself.

Be you be true....*kisses*

Tuesday Transfer News: Spurs demand £125m for Gareth Bale as Valencia eye up Giroud


THIS AFTERNOON'S transfer news sees Spurs place a stunning £125m price tag on Gareth Bale to ward off Real Madrid's interest while Valencia eye up Arsenal's Olivier Giroud as a replacement for the outbound Roberto Soldado. Elswhere, Wolfsburg

R.I.P Olamide ft Vector + Going To Heaven

Olamide suit n tie
R.I.P ft Vector  DOWNLOAD

Going To Heaven  DOWNLOAD

Wande Coal – KILAJU

Produced by Maleek Berry

Wizkid – Drop ft Wale

Wizkid Wale Pic

Monday, 29 July 2013

$2000 up for grabs

Tune into  with Dj Caise and Lagbaja to find out how to win that tantalizing cash all for yourself on the 30th of July 2013, 7pm(GMT+1)
Do not forget keep a date. 

Why Gareth Bale is not for sale - even if Spurs are offered a record £82m


THE BATTLE lines are drawn: Tottenham insist Gareth Bale is not for sale at any price. How about a world-record £82million, Real Madrid have enquired? The player himself has made it clear he is keen on a move. 

Arsenal set to up bid for Liverpool's Luis Suarez to £42.5m

LIVERPOOL are bracing themselves for another offer from Arsenal for unsettled striker Luis Suarez - as Arsene Wenger tries to push through a deal for the Uruguayan.
Wenger is hopeful of luring Suarez to the Emirates this summer, having allowed Real Madrid

DRB-LasGidi – Take Control



Esojay Luciano ft Lil Miss Miss – Mr Lover (Se Mi Dada)

Esojay Luciano classic

Kay Switch – Won Binu

Kay Switch

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cesc Fabregas says yes to Manchester United move

CESC FABREGAS has agreed to join Manchester United following a secret meeting between the Barcelona star's agent Darren Dein and Old Trafford chief executive Ed Woodward.   
Sunday Express Sport, which broke the news of United's big move for the former Arsenal star


 I can see what you are going through my friend. You loved that person so much with all your fragile heart. You could care and you had a lot of hope in that person. You could think that you were meant to be together. You never had it in your minds that there will ever come a day and they tell you that they are done with you; they can’t go on loving you or they can’t fall in love with you. But that day came

Saturday, 27 July 2013

whose fault ?

Found this now and decided to share with you guys. Oh you can replace it with a female if you wish .
 Why i am single..!!!
Last week was my birthday....!!!!

Ways A Woman Can Kill A Guy's Feelings

Men are very sensitive creatures that are way too cautious of their FEELINGS and there are certainly many ways women destroys these feelings without even knowing they're doing so. But a few are too obvious to ignore.

1: Fear Of Other People's View

For the fear of what others think, in a public place, any time your guy tries to put his arms around you, you slip out. When he goes in for a kiss you give him the cheek. Stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking! You just rejected your guy for the approval of people you’ll never see again.

Photos: Sean Tizzle Goes On Shopping Spree

 sho  le ?    at all ryt see ...more pictires

How to Keep a Relationship Fresh

1  Take advantage of new technology; text and send e-cards. With so many of us pressed for time, why not use technology to “keep in touch” during the day. A compliment, an affection or a quick “Hello, You are being thought of” via text can spark anyone’s day. E-cards are fast, and convenient. There are many sites that allow you to send them for free. You can find any type of sentiment from cute and funny, to serious and romantic or teasingly sexy. The bonus is that you can include a personal message along with it if you’d like.

Army corners Boko Haram leader, Shekau, in Borno hills

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau 

 The leader of the Boko Haram Islamic sect, Sheikh Abubakar Shekau, may have been cornered by operatives of the Joint Task Force in Gwoza hills, Borno State.
A top security source told Saturday PUNCH on Thursday that the JTF had located the area where the Boko Haram leader was hiding.
The source stated, “We are combing Gwoza hills where we believe Shekau is hiding.”
The source added that a unit of the Army’s Special Forces team had launched a “well-coordinated assault” on a group of insurgents somewhere in the Gwoza hills areas on June 26, 2013. Shekau, the source added, was in the group of Islamists, with some of his closest aides.

SAUCE KID : SinzuSMG flaunts two brand new luxury rides on instagram

VIDEO: Dammy Krane – Xteristics


VIDEO: Banky W – Good Good Loving


Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Do's and Don'ts of relationships.

#1 DO Express Yourself

For new and old relationships alike expressing yourself is essential in getting to know one another and growing together. Expression leads to understanding.


 We the Association of Nigerian boyfriends, hereby inform you that,henceforth, we have removed all forms of subsidies from our toasting; no more meet me at restaurants for lunch, recharge card, BIS

Are you a learner ?

Photo: Three Lies You're Telling Yourself That Keep You Single 
Have you noticed how much you talk to yourself? Everyone does it, and you're probably not an exception. Even now, while you read these words, your mind is chatting to you.

Indeed, our self-talk is active during every waking moment. Much of what we say to ourselves is made up of repetitive ideas that we're not even aware we're thinking. If the majority of these ideas are negative, our actual experience will in turn be tinged with negativity, giving us the very opposite of what we desire. After all, what we desire is love in a healthy relationship.

If we don't get wise to the self-talk going on in the privacy of our minds, we'll end up sabotaging our relationships, creating pain and misery for ourselves and for those around us. Often, we tell our friends and family one thing, but secretly think the opposite.

For example, we may say that we're happy being single, and excited about the search for a partner. In our minds, we're terrified, scolding ourselves for not yet finding a good guy. In fact, there seems to be a "collective unconscious" of single women's thoughts.


Here are the three lies women tell themselves most often:

1. I will never find a man who'll love me.

2. I'm not worthy of a great love.

3. I will die alone.

If these thoughts are all too familiar, you're in need of some positivity. Luckily, there's a remedy. We have to recognize that these beliefs are a product of our fear, and that they must be put to rest by acknowledging some truths.

Instead, tell yourself:

1. There is someone out there for everyone. I see proof of this as I look at the many different kinds of couples all around me. I choose to believe that if I exist, so does he. If I am longing to find my partner, he must be longing to find me right now as well.

2. No one is perfect. That includes myself and the man who'll love me. There are many imperfect people in wonderful relationships, and I'm no different. I know I'm worthy of a great love because if I wasn't, then I wouldn't have this strong desire for one.

3. This is my fear talking and it has nothing to do with my life or ability to love. I'm just being overly dramatic and scaring myself. No one knows the future or how their life will end. I refuse to hurt myself with these thoughts any longer. I choose to live in the present and enjoy my life.

We will always have negative self-talk; it's a part of our makeup and it's not going away. But we also have the ability to redirect our thoughts, to catch the negative ones that hold us back and to choose healthier ones that move us forward.
Are You a Learner?

Three Lies You're Telling Yourself That Keep You Single
Have you noticed how much you talk to yourself? Everyone does it, and you're probably not an exception. Even now, while you read these words, your mind is chatting to you.

Indeed, our self-talk is active during every waking moment. Much of what we say to ourselves is made up of repetitive ideas that we're not even aware we're thinking. If the majority of these ideas are negative, our actual experience will in turn be tinged with negativity,




Ajare Akinyemi [Also Known As Akinrex] is a Middle Beltan. Grew up and Lives in

Forbes List Of Highest Paid Hollywood Actors of 2013

Forbes, a few days ago, released their annual ‘Highest Paid Hollywood Actors’ list and Iron Man actor Robert Downey topped the list. See what the top 10 actors earned between June 2012 & June 2013..
1. Robert Downey Jr – $75million (Iron Man)

“I can give my daughter out in Marriage at the age of 6″ – SEN. AHMED SANI YARIMAN BAKURA REPLIES

Nigeria has many uncountable problems and none of them is early marriage. As a matter of fact early marriage is the solution to about half of our problems. For those who wonder if I can give my
daughter(s) out in marriage at the age of 9 or 13, I tell you most honestly, I can give her out at the age of 6 if I want to and its not your business.

Yahoo Boy uploads pictures of Foreign Currencies and Shrine.

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Moe Ager ft Saeon & Vector – It’s On Tonight

Moe Ager Saeon VEC ItsOnTonight

Wet Spots

My fingers slick with her, she lays on top of me, turned around. Her legs on each side of my chest and spread wide right in front of my face. Her mouth far away doing the most wonderful things to me. That is the world I am in now, pleasure radiating and unseen while every secret spot on her is exposed right in front of me.

I know her by now, every twist and turn and little button. I work her like a well loved little music box. My fingers slipping in and bending just so, moving and pushing until I find the angle and the rhythm. Then she is unable to continue with my cock because her mouth is too full of moans and whimpers.
When I add a toy into the mix she is gasping and then suddenly struggling because it is too much. I clamp on to her legs in a wrestler’s lock and I continue as she tried to pull away from the intensity of the vibrations and my fingers. Her moans

8 Myths That Could Kill Your Relationship

There are hundreds of myths about relationships, according to Terri Orbuch, Ph.D, a Michigan clinical psychologist and author of "5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great" (Delacorte Press, 2009). The problem with persistent myths is that they can erode a relationship's happiness, she said.
When you think a relationship should be a certain way, and yours isn't, frustration sets in. And "frustration is the number one thing that eats away at a relationship," Orbuch said, and "it's directly tied to these myths."

Life after Harry Potter: Where are the graduates of Hogwarts now?

Daniel Radcliffe is back in the West End in The Cripple of Inishmaan, Emma Watson is the cream of LA in The Bling Ring and Rupert Grint's first Hollywood turn, in CBGB, is released later this year.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are adjusting to life post-Potter

Forbes' 2013 list of highest earning US celebrities under 30

Lady Gaga, 27, has topped the Forbes list of the highest-earning celebrities under 30 years old, besting Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 28:  Lady Gaga attends The Rally during NYC Pride 2013 on June 28, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images) Justin Bieber performing at Staples Center here in June came in at number two.
1. Lady Gaga (age 27) $80 million
2. Justin Bieber (age 19) $58 million

Modenine ft. Vector – Zoning Out


Father, 45, rapes daughter, 16

Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ikemefuna Okoye 
The Ogun State Police Command has arrested a 45-year old man, Toyin Sodimu, for allegedly raping his 16-year-old daughter in Temidire community of Oke Apo, Akomoje, Abeokuta.
The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said in a statement that the teenager reported the incident to the Adatan Police Division after her father raped her about 2am last Saturday.
Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said following Sodimu’s arrest, the 16-year old girl had been taken to the  hospital by the police for medical examination and treatment.
He added that the state Commissioner of Police,

Police arrest native doctor, other over N2m fraud

The suspects
Officers attached to the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Adeniji Adele, have arrested a native doctor, Fawole Awosunmi and Tajudeen Ogunremi, for allegedly defrauding a businessman of N2m.
Both suspects were said to have connived with another accomplice known as Alhaji,

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Child marriage: Oritsejafor to lead protest against senators

CAN President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor
President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, on Tuesday said he would lead Nigerians to protest against the Senate resolution to amend Section 29 (4) (b) of the 1999 Constitution under which married underage girls are deemed to be adults.

Olamide – Baddo (Freestyle)+ MSarewole

Olamide Suit 2 a