Sunday, 28 July 2013


 I can see what you are going through my friend. You loved that person so much with all your fragile heart. You could care and you had a lot of hope in that person. You could think that you were meant to be together. You never had it in your minds that there will ever come a day and they tell you that they are done with you; they can’t go on loving you or they can’t fall in love with you. But that day came and now they are NO MORE. They created a big vacuum in your heart. Now your life is empty without them. You’re pretending that you are fine but you are hurting inside. You have got some chronic pain inside your heart. You sometimes burst into tears when you are a lone. You have got very many questions replaying in your heart. You have got memories that you can’t replace out of your noddle. You are feeling as if you can’t go on with your life. You are so down…but I tell you what my friend. That’s not the end of your life. That thing happened for a reason. God removed that person out of your life because he has someone better for you. Just thank him. He saved you from many terrible things that were going to ruin your life forever. Just know that wrong relationship wasn’t a waste of time. It was to teach you some lessons that will help you prepare for the right person that God is gonna send to you. Be strong and bear it your minds that you will be happy again. God is control of your life.

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