Tuesday, 30 July 2013



In the beginning of any relationship, normally it's all about impressing the other person with all the things you can and would do for them, but if you know that this is something you can't keep up then
don't start it. I keep on telling my fellow men all the time, if they are bringing a woman flowers every 2weeks when you get paid, believe me when I tell you, she is going to get used to it and be expecting
you to continue. Stopping will only cause problems and the relationship will eventually change and soon the relationship will be over. 

So don't start something you won’t finish.

 Be yourself, If you are interested in that person, go approach her in your simple way,don’t tell her fake lies, don’t borrow money from your friends just because you want to take her in expensive hotels, don’t borrow cars from your friends, use that old modeled car of yours… I am sure if she is well raised she will love you the way you are, not for what you have. 

And Ladies don’t over makeup, go with your natural beauty, and cease borrowing clothes from your friends, and sisters just because you want to impress him. Be yourself.

Be you be true....*kisses*

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  1. Great advice for sure. Been married for nearly 30 years and still being treated like a queen because I don't expect too much and because he accepts me just the way I am.

    Glad you liked my monkey photo so much that you used it for your post. I feel honored. :D