Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Do's and Don'ts of relationships.

#1 DO Express Yourself

For new and old relationships alike expressing yourself is essential in getting to know one another and growing together. Expression leads to understanding.

 #2 DON'T Go to Bed Angry

Going to bed emotional and having not been able to express yourself in a healthy way can end up in a bad mess even if it only seems like a small issue at the time. When things don't get discussed before bed they get put in a back burner and resentment starts to build.

#3 DO Retain Your Independence

If you can't take care of yourself (mentally, physically, financially, etc.) how would you be able to take care of your significant other? Not to mention, what if it doesn't work out and you have no foundations for the emotional spring cleaning that will need to be done?

#4 DON'T Be Afraid

Fear based reactions are a horrible thing not to mention most of the things we're afraid of never even happen. Let go of your fears and take risks in the name of something far better.


#5 DO Make Your Boundaries Known

Your partner needs to know what's okay and what's not from your perspective. Letting your partner know where the line is between good and bad will help them keep you happy and avoid simple mistakes.

 #6 DON'T Be Demanding

Requesting things is perfectly acceptable but demanding things is not. In fact, a relationship couldn't exist without requests. Demanding things will most likely be percieved as unappreciation, which can become resent.

 #7 DO Be Honest

Honesty and trust are key to the foundation of any relationship, including non-romantic ones.

#8 DON'T Speak Before You Think

Words can't be unsaid. If you speak before thinking you may end up saying something you didn't mean to.

 #9 DO Pick Your Battles

If you've taken the time to think and expressed your feelings calmly it will be so much easier to pick your battles wisely. Does this matter in the long term? Is the brand of oil really that important?

 #10 DON'T Try to Fix People

Trying to fix people tends to end up in a horrible mess with you feeling horrible and helpless and quite a bit worse for wear. It isn't healthy for anyone. The only one who can truly fix them is themselves.

#11 DO Take Time for Yourself

Maintain yourself and be true to yourself to make you the best person you can be for both you and your significant other. When you aren't at your best neither are they.

#12 DON'T Be Angry

Be a problem solver. Whatever's making you angry has a solution. Find it and act on it on a constructive fashion.

#13 DON'T Fret

Keep calm and problem solve. Even risky solutions can have some serious potential.

#14 DO Focus on the Positive Things

Small negative things are simply a part of life. Focus on the positive and you'll be able to work through the little battles with ease.

 #15 DO Take the Time to Reflect and Double Check

Is this where you want to be? Do you want to stay here? Taking the time to reflect and double check will help keep you and your relationship on the right path.

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