Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Top 10 Countries In The World To Migrate To

10. U.S.A. – U.S.A is the world’s most powerful country. The Whole world do business on $US. That is a symbol of stability.There are people from different communities from all over the world here which provides safety. US have a strong social security system and a
Per capita income of about $45,000
However, the unemployment rate is 8.9% ,which is quite huge. Also US has tough rules for migrants, especially now that visa lottery entrance for Nigerians have been stopped.

9. NEWZEALAND – New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean. Its population is just above 40 million and density per km. Is 20. Most of the people speak English. Main occupation is agriculture, which constitutes 28% of export . Standard of living in Newzealand is very high. Its an easy country to migrate if your professional skills are required. Low IELTS bands are required.

8. NETHERLANDS – Netherlands, which also includes most of present-day Belgium, Luxembourg, and some land of France and Germany is one of the best countries to migrate to.The weather is great here, average temperature in the summer is 10 degree Celsius and in winters which comes in January it goes as low as 0. Education is compulsory between the age 4 and 16 and partially between 16 to 18. But the official language in Netherlands is Dutch. The per capita income here is $46000 which is more than US. Also the unemployment rate is just 4.6% here.

7. Luxembourg – The country has a highly developed economy, with the world's highest GDP per capita($105,000) according to the IMF and World Bank. Three languages are recognised as official in Luxembourg: French, German, and Luxembourgish but English is spoken by a lot of people . Luxembourg's stable, high-income economy features moderate growth, low inflation, and low unemployment. Unemployment rate is under 5%. Main occupations in Luxembourg steel,transportation and communication.

6. Australia – Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere. Although most of Australia is semi-arid or desert but its eastern part is livable where temperature remains 10-20 degree Celsius. Standard of living is very high and per capita income is $55,500. Unemployment rate is 4.9%. But you need to be on their skills shortage list to be considered for immigration

5. Canada – Canada is a country full of variations. People from all around the world have migrated here. Official languages are French and English. Standard is living is very high here. People here are safe. It is a beautiful country attracting so may people around the world. Also it is a relatively easy country to migrate to.

4. Liechtenstein .– You probably never heard of this one lol! It a small country with just area of 164km sq and population of 35,700 . But it’s a rich country and its unemployment rate is 1.5%, lowest in the world. Per capita income is $113,000. Official language here is German.

3. Denmark – It’s the happiest country in the world. While the per capita income is $ 55,200 unemployment rate is below 5%. Official language is danish though a few people speak English.

2. Switzerland – Switzerland the world’s most beautiful country attracting a lot of tourist every year. Standard of living of people here is very high. Social security system is very strong. Per capita income is $67,000 which is very high and a very stable economy. But the problem is that ,migration rules in Switzerland are quite tough

1. Norway – Norway has been ranked number one by Human Development Index . Official language here is Norwegian but most people understand English. Standard of living is the highest in the world. The southern and western parts of Norway experience more precipitation and have milder winters than the southeastern part. Export revenues from oil and gas have risen to 45% of total exports and constitute more than 20% of the GDP. All in all it’s the best country in world to migrate to. If you want to go as a student go for Oslo University ,it offers huge scholarships.

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