Wednesday, 16 October 2013

15 things You Should Achieve before You're 30

15 things You Should Achieve before You're 30 was sent to me by my sweet heart Doyin Akinsanya @Theniggaress
1. You should've earned a higher education or specific skill.

2. U should've acquired a fair understanding of the way(s) of the world.

3. KNOW what u want to achieve in life. Have a clear idea. If u want 2be a fashion designer, fantastic. As long as u know what u want.

4. YOU should be in the driver's seat of your life's vehicle. Not anybody else. You should accept responsibilities for you action.

5. You should have clear mentors who inspire you to succeed. Keep a professional relationship with them.

6. Have alternative ways of financial independence. Legit, skillful ways. No knowledge lost. No skill useless.

7. You should've read NO LESS THAN 60 non-academic books. Motivational and inspiring  books.

8. U should've learned how to say NO, especially to what you don't want, and to whoever.

9. You should've learned how to use the computer, beyond Microsoft Word and Facebook.

10. You should know your type of husband or wife. The type you want and the type you will be.

11. You should know the type of house you want to build and where!

12. You should've learned how to drive. Even if you don't have a car yet.

13. You should've become an active participant in a sport or game. Good for health and mental well-being.

14. You should know the things you will not do for money. Decide the length you can and cannot go for money.

15. Before you're 30, you should have given your life to Jesus Christ. Be born again!If you are in 30s and haven't achieved these, make a quick decision, today isn't too late! Remember there's time for everything and be determined to make an excellent 30s. GOD LOVES YOU.

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