Friday, 4 October 2013

How to Make Your Butt Bigger

Change your walk. How you carry yourself can highlight or obscure different parts of your body. Throw your shoulders back and arch your lower back. This will not only make your butt more prominent, but it'll also slim your torso a bit and make your chest look bigger.

Build up your butt muscles. You can actually make your butt rounder and larger by strengthening the muscles in it, known as your glutes. Do the following exercises at least 3 times a week for the fastest results:

In building your butt muscles make sure your diet has enough protein to support muscle growth.

Don't stop the exercises once you've reached the body you want or else you're more likely to fall back to how you looked before.

Don't expect to see immediate results. It takes time to get the best result, so stay focused and be patient.

If you want to achieve a great looking butt, you got to work for it.

Have a balance diet and good exercise.

Don't expect to look just like your favorite movie star or singer, who look really much more beautiful on TV and magazines than in reality.

Always stay to a healthy diet and never give up!

Do these exercises everyday. Once you're doing them everyday, don't stop! You can play music while you're working out to encourage you and to keep you going and before you know it, you're gonna have a beautiful figure!

Don't forget that you're the one that wants this, work your hardest & you'll be happy.

Don't stop eating, just eat the right kinds of food. Get into a routine of doing squats everyday otherwise you might loose the figure you reach.

Don't do drugs.

Try the 30 day Squat challenge it really help !

"Big buttedness" is in the eye of the beholder. What is considered a big butt to some may be considered an average butt to others.

Don't stop exercising after you're happy with your results.

Once you've reached your goal, don't let yourself go.

Do not eat a LOT. Just run, swim, leap, dance and Do Yoga!!

Until you have reached your goal, love yourself just how you are.

Look on YouTube for butt workouts.

Keep in mind that wearing high heels all the time can permanently damage your feet and knees.

Embarking on a buttock growing regimen (BGR) is a big commitment; be aware that your favorite large or curvy stars have trainers, money (for surgery) and genetics to help them get the look.

Take extreme caution when considering any type of butt enhancement procedure.

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