Monday, 7 October 2013

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's war on cheats to drive out divers

JOSE MOURINHO last night launched a crusade against football's cheats.
Just days after Spurs' Andros Townsend publicly apologised for diving during the derby against Chelsea last week, Mourinho revealed that he has laid down the law to his own players.

And he also wants to stamp out players - particularly foreign ones - trying to get opponents sent off by feigning injury.

Chelsea's Portugese boss said: "I tell my players I hate it. I tell them many times I hate it and I think it is very bad.
"And players who try to get a red card for another player is, for me, also a disgrace. Some players come from countries where simulation is encouraged but the moment you come to this country you have to immediately change."
Mourinho said he has warned his players that diving or simulating injuries to get an opponent sent off would not be tolerated.
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I will strongly criticise any player who does that," he said. "If that happens in the country where I work and get my money from I feel owe the country something.
"It's not just about coming here, making your money and then disappearing.
"We owe something to a country where we come to to work."

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