Monday, 24 June 2013


No matter how hard she tries, shecan't get you out of her head. Even though it's over, she stillfeels like she's yours. 
She’s trying to meet new guys, but for some reasons things aren’t working out well because all those guys have one thing in common; they’re not you and they’ll never be you. 

She has tried catching feelings for somebody else but things are abnormal because she still has your feelings.  

She has tried falling in love with those other guys approaching her but they’re not making her feel the same way like the way you did. 

Everything is stressing her now because her heart is still with you. She’s trying to force herself to love that other guy but the truth is she misses you so much and she wonders if you miss her too. 

You still mean something to that girl no matter she’s silent on you. She may smile and laugh out loud with her friends but the truth she’s not comfortable at heart. She is hurting inside.

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