Saturday, 22 June 2013


 Let me adjust that; Nigeria is full of singles ladies:
1. Single mothers - they have child/children but the father/fathers of these children is/are not their husbands.
2. 'Overgraduate' spinsters - they've never been married, eligible men aren't proposing and they are getting to that age when their physiognomies appear like they are married already.

3. Young widows - mortuaries and cemeteries are full of corpses of men in their 30s & 40s leaving behind their tokunbo (2nd hand) wives.
4. Divorces - ladies who found out they've been backing the wrong horse in marriage or thought they've found out a bigger 'mercedes' elsewhere only to find out that it's a Keke NAPEP.
5. Separatists - not like the South Sudanese or Polisario in Morocco or Biafrans of Nigeria but women who are married but are separated from their men to have 'fresh air'.
6. Kept women - they are under 'illusion of marriage'. 20, 30-year olds 'married' to grandfathers kept in a house somewhere.
The common factor here is lack of responsible men they could call their own.
Are responsible men going extinct?
Where are the men?

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