Friday, 21 June 2013


1. Guys love to marry an independent and mature lady... So instead of sitting there and waiting to be bluffed by a guy, focus on getting a career that would take you out of the house wife category...

2. Never let the sweet talks of guys deceive you, most times they just want to go between your legs and run off thereafter.

3. Remove the mentality from your mind that guys will keep springing up to approach you. The older you get by the day, the less toasters you will have.

4. Playing 'too' hard to get is the worst thing you should ever start, remember, Nothing lasts forever. If you still doubt, check out the number of matured single ladies looking up to GOD FOR A MIRACLE.

5. Never extort things from a guy you don't love, guys always have ways of paying a lady back, either through their FRIENDS or total 'PAID' STRANGERS....BE­ CAREFUL.

6. Never be deceived you can trap a guy through sex. A man will also return to his wife who sex starves him for years once he loves and trust her. You can never win a man over with your body.

7. If all you take to the relationship is the mind set to EXTRACT MONEY from him, don't complain if all he ask from you is your body. He has seen you have nothing else to offer...

8. Don't be fooled when Guys tell you they have never met a prettier lady, they will say that same thing to an80year old woman they want to get intimate with.

9. A guy always taking you to the SILVER-BIRD, FAST FOOD, MALL AND EVENTS AT CONFERENCE CENTER /NATIONAL THEATRE is no sign that he loves you, if he doesn't care to ask and PLAN YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER then you are just his 'SOCIAL MATE' and nothing else....

10. If the only time he invites you over is when he needs to cook, clean the house and do his laundry, then just know you are his "executive house help".

11. Never look down on any guy



  1. Nice article,Ladies keep to that..