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N15m Scandal: My apologies for Pushing Habiba into surgery – Jim Iyke

Controversial Nigerian actor, and sexy Nollywood star, Jim Iyke has been in the news in recent times over an alleged 15 million naira scandal involving him and one Habiba Abubukar who had claimed that the ace actor duped her of 15 million naira.
Habiba who withdrew the case, as a result of an appeal by Jim Iyke to settle out of court, had fired back at Jim Iyke for openly posting a comment on twitter that they both agreed to settle out of court. Habiba had on the contrary asserted that Jim’s parents came to beg her, and as such she accepted to settle out of court.
However, our correspondent who visited Jim Iyke’s fashion office, Untamed Closet spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the Nigerian award winning actor, who had disclosed that though he had learnt to be silent over the matter, it would be reasonable to apologize to Habiba for pushing her into embarking on Plastic surgery just to slim to Fashion.

In a swift reaction to Adoyi’s question over Habiba’s claim that Jim put her through unimaginable stress and pain as a result of her recent surgery in order to slim to fashion, the actor admittedly said that he only met Habibaba through his sister, and that he made jokes out of habiba’s tummy and shape, but had not on any occasion advised Habiba to do any kind of plastic surgery. According to Jim Iyke “I’m playful and jovial, and because I can make fun out of anything, I had jokingly complaint of Habiba’s size sometime in my family house. I crack the same jock even with my sister, and we all laugh over it. I do not think the claim you said Habiba is making is actually true.  How can she be claiming that I pushed her into the pain of plastic surgery? I really don’t have anything personal with her. My sister said Habiba told her something of sort, but I never believed it. I thought it was one of those gossips. Hearing it from you actually confirms that she said something related to that, but would you believe that I will advise a married woman against her wish to go for surgery? I don’t even think she did that just to be appreciated by anybody. If she went through any kind of stress as a result of that, then I’m sorry, but I guess she did that for her husband and not for anybody close to me. My overseas trip wouldn’t let me see even my people for days and months, so where is the time to even talk on menial issues?  I have got big stuffs to attend to at the moment, not really on this case; the case has taken care of itself in the most miraculous way already. I don’t have much time to spend on issues of such nature.
While being asked on whether Habiba truly sponsored his family to India as claimed, Jim affirmed thus “you see my friend, this case is closed for now. I just came back from Rio de Janeiro where I spoke on very important issue on climate change, and I don’t want to begin to change the very good climate that I’m experiencing now with some cock and bull stories. But come to think of it, is it that I’m so broke that I cannot take care of my mum’s medical bills? Isn’t it most hilarious that the date Habiba claimed she sponsored mum to India was the same period the case was in court? Even one’s Guardian Angel cannot do that for him. You can’t be in court fighting me and you are still sponsoring me to India, you must be some god or something. Anyway, I thank her, for sponsoring me, and my family. However, she knows when she is telling the truth and when she is lying. I leave it between us. Like I said, it has been settled out of court.  What is the crime in trying to avoid trouble? I don’t really have that time to start going about telling the world on everything that transpired, and I’m happy that some people have continued to read in between the lines to understand where these whole problem is coming from.  Use your head man. This world is evil and most people you meet smiling at you may turn out evil if you don’t use your head well.”

Reacting to the question on whether the documents Habiba rolled out to back her claims were genuine, Jim Iyke said, “My image, my document and even my property have been maneuvered in the past. Photoshop has helped people to manipulate people’s thinking. Thank God people are beginning to understand lately that most of my images ranging from my marriage with a strange woman, my picture with a child, and the recent court images were all photoshopped.  I wouldn’t know her source in relation to those documents anyways. As far as I know, she couldn’t have made all that arrangements for me. You can’t imagine that she went as far as getting all the medical documents for my mum, clearly handwritten- funny.  It’s funny because the way the whole matter was presented looks as if she dedicated all that period to help my family as she claimed, so I’m wondering the hours she had with her family to do other things. In fact, her story implies that she was practically living with my people, and dedicated her life savings to redeem my family. Imagine that her foundation hosted a website to take care of me and my family, and thereafter got the site shut down. It then means that she established that foundation for me and my family. Is that the claim people want me to react to?  It’s laughable to have some people agree with her, but most ridiculous is the fact that I’m no longer Jim Iyke but a riff-raff, because I engaged in a transaction with her.  I have been engaged in different lucrative businesses in the past, and I had never been found wanting of any crime. You wouldn’t forget so easily that I was Glo Ambassador. We had several business transactions;  What about the United Nations, my automobile business, my Untamed Clothing line, my media consulting firm, acting deals and a host of other businesses. I don’t think I have ever had issues with anybody. Let’s do our business and forget about gossips jor”

Jim Iyke who pleaded with our correspondent to discontinue the questions on Habiba said “why don’t we change the topic? This case is too funny to be discussed. It makes me feel as if I’m exchanging words with her, which I wouldn’t want to. It will look like I have all the time to respond to series of allegations that have been leveled against me now and in the past.  I can’t see the face of the person saying all this in the media, so I still believe that most of the stories must have been cooked up by the media. As far as I know, she wasn’t the one raising the dust because she would have shown her face to the media. I can’t be fighting a faceless individual. I have got my prestige to keep, even as I will continue to respect her as a woman, and as someone’s wife. I don’t think we can continue to talk about Habiba. Enough of that media hype.  I don’t need that to do my business”
Responding to the question on the recent allegation that he ran out of the country as a result of the different media attacks on him by Habiba, Jim said “Funny enough I went to make more money. I was selected under the auspices of the United Nations to speak on Climate Change in Rio, Brazil.  That’s actually why I travelled. I know I disappointed many people for not getting engaged in the media war that was artificially created. I have got stuffs to do, to take care of mum and others, even if Habiba claims she does that for my family, maybe I can support her as well ( laughs)

Source: Dailypost

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