Sunday, 11 May 2014

Why I think Gay guys are gay! by @omotolashogunle

To be honest this isn’t scientifically proven or has been practiced in a lab of a mad scientist, who studies test subjects called ‘Gay men’ it’s just what I think and shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. If you’re gay and you’re reading this don’t take it personal, only God can judge you…. Hehe. If you take me seriously though 

Okay my brother was telling me this gist about this guy (let’s call him Jack) that was born straight and was later gay’ed (is there an English word like that?) by another gay guy (let’s call him Paul) He also told me Jack actually confessed that after he was gay’ed by Paul he liked it and from then on he became gay. I was surprised because gay people be like ‘I’ve been like this since I was born, I am naturally attracted to the same sex’ and also because the straight guy gone gay wasn’t always like that. Before he got the ‘D’ he probably felt disgusted about the whole concept.
Do you know the name of the scientist or was he a medical Doctor that discovered the female G spot? His name is (Name of the scientist). He claims that during intercourse the G-spot is stimulated if reached by the partner, and during that period there’s a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This is the same concept I’ll be applying for my theory! Do you know that guys too have a spot! It’s called the P spot and if equally stimulated it gives ultimate pleasure, and also the quickest way to reach that spot is through the anus! Is it becoming clearer where I am headed to with this?
In Jack’s case maybe before he was raped by Paul he hadn’t had sexual intercourse with a woman before and since it was through the anus and the ‘P spot’ was stimulated he flipped by the pleasure and became gay or maybe he had had sex with a female but preferred the pleasure he got from the sex with Paul. That is why I think gay men are gay, its quiet logical to me and frankly speaking I feel it can be remedied if a gay guy has sex with a woman and a dildo. Practically I could be a mad scientist and see how gay guys will cope with hermaphrodites or a more effective remedy is DELIVERANCE FROM GOD!
It’s all crazy thoughts, but seriously no one should tell me it comes natural or God created them like that….take it or leave it it’s a sin that should be condemned. Finally (IN BOVI’S VOICE) if they tell you its natural…they lie!

Note: Some of y’all may be thinking what of lesbians! Omotola! Explain?
Well for lesbians I agree they are one confused set of human beings.
Personally I think lesbianism came up as a result of those hormones that make women
Unsure of what they want.
Maybe they prefer women affection because it’s more intense and affectionate and it’s like a woman’s love
Hehe lips sealed *I am outta here

(Text in the bible that speaks against gayism)

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