Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Its been  a while,i have been busy lately,talking about being gay in Nigeria  most cases don't end well...death is always the final result.

Read some of what my friend had to say,she was really burnt,she didn't wish him well at all.

Until one is clearly affected by something, we sometimes don’t feel the depth or importance of a situation.
Boko Haram bombing schools and churches in the north, and I am like, ‘ehyah’ and in a split second am thinking of what to eat, forgetting the horror people are going through. But until, I hear the bomb go off at my doorstep before I realize how serious these things are. This shouldn’t be so. Apparently I have not learnt how to really feel or be concerned about others until it affects me in one way or another. (Is someone relating to this?)
Anyways, when the government passed the bill to jail homosexuals and the likes for 14years, I couldn’t care less. Never cared about what they do and how they act as long as they didn’t approach me sha. I dunno, I guess I had more important things to think of then, like, getting good grades and having the most fun with friends. But as the years have gone by, I’ve grown in my own little way, I’ve developed some strong views (feeling like an activist :D) about certain things and one of them is the bi & homosexual idea.
There is a reason God did not just create man alone but created a companion which the bible clearly states is the WOMAN… I still can’t wrap my head around it. How can you find sexual pleasure from the same sex? (Don’t tell me)… there is a reason God hasn’t put me in a place of power, to decide what would happen to such people because left to me, I would rain down serious judgment on them. I just feel 14 years isn’t enough; I feel they would be in jail, giving pleasure to each other during their term. Are we trying to build a home for them to have fun for 14 years? No questions asked?
What should rather happen is that anyone found guilty of such immoral acts should be burnt. Yes, burnt. (Am I too harsh? I think not). Am even nice sef, believe it or not. God rained down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah. What were you thinking was the reason for that? Corruption? Naa. Rate of theft? At all. It was their level of sexual immorality the city was into so you see, am not deviating from the gospel. :D
But really it’s sad knowing people are into such. The other day I heard a childhood friends' brother, Akinbodunde Agunbiade, just revealed he was bisexual. I was sick when I heard the news. And to think I had a crush on the guy, mschewww. (Covering face smiley). I’m sure now you’re thinking since it’s a long time crush I would give him a pass, naa, he too should be burnt (straight face). But it’s not in my power.
Maybe, just maybe, my feelings are selfish ones but at least they are true. Feel free to judge me but am sure deep down in your heart somewhere, (if you are not gay), you know I am right.

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