Tuesday, 24 June 2014

10 Signs You Know It's Really Love

You’ve probably heard this adage: the best relationships stem from friendship. For Mila Kunis, who is expecting a baby with fiancé Ashton Kutcher, it definitely worked out that way. The two met on the set of That ’70s Show in the ’90s and were buddies for more than 10 years before taking things to the next level.

They both had lots of relationships during that time—Kutcher even married (and divorced) Demi Moore, but longtime pal Kunis ended up being his BIG love. Kutcher was also Kunis’s first onscreen kiss all the way back in 2001, she told People of the intimidating experience, “I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so cute, it’s the Calvin Klein model!’. . . Then I was like, ‘I have to kiss him?’ I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him.”

Who would have known that kiss was a preview of the rest of their lives?

“One day, it just changed,” Kunis gushed in a recent interview with Marie Claire.. “All of a sudden, it wasn’t the same. And I was really proud of myself for acknowledging that. The best day of my life so far was the proposal. I cried. I was a mess. Not to discredit any relationships in my past, but this relationship is different.”
These two are proof that you could go through lots of different relationships and wind up with someone who’s been around the entire time. Here are some signs that the guy you’ve known forever might actually be the love of your life.

1. He texts you at midnight on your birthday
Unless of course he’s with you at that hour, which is an even bigger sign that he’s might be the right person for you.
2. He shows up
If it’s your birthday, he’s the first one at the celebration. If you’re performing in a comedy show, he attends to show his support. He’s proud of you and wants to be part of the high points (as well as the low points) in your life.
3. He’d defend your honor
If someone breaks your heart or wrongs you, he would totally stand up to that person, even if it means gaining an enemy.
4. People assume you’re already a couple
Others see you interact and immediately feel the love between you two. Maybe you’ve been unaware of it this whole time, but that will change someday.
5. You go to him for guy dilemmas
His opinion matters a great deal to you, and he’ll always tell you that you deserve a man who understands how amazing you are. Hint hint. . .
6. You run to him when you’re in trouble
When things aren’t going so well at work or in life, you know he’ll find a way to brighten your spirits. He always does.
7. You don’t worry about dolling yourself up around him
You can be a slob and not even think twice about it because he doesn’t care how you look. (And probably thinks you’re beautiful no matter what you’re wearing.)
8. You’re not afraid to ugly cry in his presence
Let’s be real, we all have to ugly cry sometimes.
9. As soon as something good happens, you want to tell him
Besides family members, he’s the first person you’d like to share happy news with.
10. You talk to him like you’d talk to a girl friend
You don’t worry about grossing him out or revealing too much information about anything in your life because you’re close. That level of trust and comfort are exactly what you need in a long-lasting relationship.
 A Pug's Guide to Dating by Gemma Correll

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