Saturday, 2 March 2013

Psycho exes

1.  Shortly after gettin married, I found out that my husband had faked being in the Army, faked PTSD and flashbacks (gave me a concussion one night during a "flashback"), he also lied about deployments and losing his friends overseas. He had also told me that he had a daughter that was killed in a DUI accident and a sister that was raped and murdered. None of this was true. And to this day, he is still keeping to his story, even though there are no records for his military service, and his entire family telling me that none if it was true. I am deployed in Afghanistan now and he is trying to get me to pay spousal support because he doesnt want to work. I cant believe i married that thing.

2. My psycho ex girlfriend Jennifer has been stalking me and maybe her other exs in her past. She has harassed me online, through email, and posting up fake profiles impersonating me possibly my girl sending herself emails claiming it's one of us harassing her. No, I don't want you in my life. No, we can't be friends, you have some serious psychological problems and I suggest you get some help. Her ex boyfriend and I surprisingly met and have been discussing her antics. She has a pattern and has done the same thing to her lovers of the past. She has a boyfriend, so all you guys know and probably is great at manipulating the TRUE story behind what she does. I'm posting this up as a warning. We have been documenting all you have done. Try more of this and I'll take you to court. Come on, move on and get over the rejection I repeatedly gave you every time you have tried to contact me and your other exs. Our lawyers have been informed with the situation. Stay clear she's delusional.

3. My ex broke up with me, literally, the day after I was released from a psychiatric unit. I had been admitted because I had wanted to kill myself due to long-term depression. Of course, being broken up with sent me right back into my suicidal thought pattern, so he called the police and had them drag me away for another three agonizing days in the hospital. Then I get back home after now a full week of hospital visits, and I find that he and his parents had pretty much packed up my stuff for me and kicked me out. I had to drop out of school, quit my job, lose a research position in my university, and move back home because in the span of one week, I had lost all of my friends, my ex, and a place to live. All because he couldn't handle my depression.

4 . I'm in love with my best friend. It's not the typical "friend zone" thing. We've known each other since high school, at first we were close friends. I developed feelingsfor him and he admitted that he'd had a crush on me for 2 years. We decided to try dating, not much changed except we grew closer. He was even my senior prom date. Later that summer, he left for a vacation. He was gone for about 2 weeks. I being the complete piece of shit that I am, got drunk and cheated on him at a party. He found out and we stopped talking for 3 years. We've since grown over it and have started talking again. The feelings have come flooding back. We are as close as ever, and I came to crushing realization that I still hopelessly love him. Instead of ruining our friendship again I need to swallow my feelings. I've come to accept that to have him I life is more important, then the "what ifs"

5 . What ever happened to just going on a two day bedenr and moving on? Yeah, sometimes there's something to be learned, but sometimes there's not. Whether there is or isn't depends on the facts of the case. That much was said in the interview, minus the bedenr part. That was my contribution.But isn't the issue here that either fixating on unimportant details or ignoring important ones comes down to judgment, and that's why these folks are in therapy in the first place? They get flustered, don't rationally analyze what's going on, and don't make sound decisions? Feelings and emotions are what you make of them, I guess, but at some point isn't it important to put them to the side and focus on the facts and not necessarily how a person feels about them?

6  . In the beginning of my freshman year I met this super smart guy that i fell head over heels for. He was a senior, and I was SO far out of his league. He had been on/off with this fat chick for about 3 years in another state, so he never wanted to date me. Then he got back together with her and told me in the douchiest way on Christmas fucking Eve when he visited her and fucked her. I cried when I opened my presents at midnight. Yet he STILL wouldn't leave me alone, and would constantly flirt with me. The she dumped him in February and he turned into an even bigger asshole treating me like I was expendable and only spending time on me if he was lonely, bored, or getting something out of it. Then I found out he had been banging the unclean, fugly foreign girl we both used to be friends with. Once I overlooked that BECAUSE I LOVED HIM, he went and fucked his best GUY friend and the cumdumpster foreign girl at the same time, and when I confronted him about it he lied and told me fuck you. A week goes by and he asks for me back, so after being fed up with his bullshit I turn him down, and I'm still disgusted with myself for letting him treat me that way. He made me feel worthless and pathetic, like I was nothing without him, and he manipulated me into having sex with him twice. He was a drug addict, more out of it than not and had mental disorders. He was emotionally abusive towards me. Last I heard from him he was absolutely miserable, alone, and had no meaning to life. Plus he got hemorrhoids from fucking his guy bff so I guess karma bit him pretty hard in the ass.

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