Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gorgeous Louboutins

#1 Marie Antoinette

Obviously inspired by the ultimate profligate, the Marie Antoinette shoes were designed with equal extravagance. Only 36 pairs of the shoes were made, each packaged in a Faberge egg. We're not sure if the bust of Marie Antoinette with her spectacular hair and minuscule ship perched on top is simply an over-the-top design choice or a tongue-in-cheek nod to her eventual demise. Either way this lavish shoes are just gorgeous.


#2 Champagne

This stiletto is another of Louboutin's form-over-function designs. That is, provided the function in question is walking. If the function is drinking champagne from a slipper, as was a custom in France circa 1880, well then, right on target. Louboutin teamed up with champagne house Piper Heidsieck to create the Le Rituel box set, featuring a bottle of Piper Heidsieck's Brut and a single Louboutin champagne glass.


#3 Ballet Heels

Warning: NSFF (not safe for feet). These one-of-a-kind, Swarovski crystal-encrusted, 8-inch heels were designed to be auctioned off to support the English National Ballet. We're pretty sure you'd have to be a ballerina in order to so much as move in these. But hey, art for art's sake, right?


#4 Anemone

With a stunning plume of ribbon, feathers, or both, Anemone adds a sophisticated burst of fun and frivolity to an otherwise simple design.


#5 Margot

Sparkling beading and pleated suede make Margot a truly showstopping work of art. While we're usually opposed to peep-toe boots, we'll make an exception here.


#6 Torero

Part Bollywood, part matador, Torero is a trussed up Lady Peep who's sure to add some spice to any outfit.


#7 Brodee

It's impossible to find enough images of these shoes to do her justice. Brodee has a Daffodile body covered with a gorgeous collage of satin, sequins, ribbons, lace, chains, and embroidery. We're in love.


#8 Lady Max

Thin, elegant straps meet bursts of spikes in the Lady Max. With bold detailing indicative of audio tracks, this gorgeous stiletto is so much more than a typical strappy sandal.


#9 Isolde

From the 20th anniversary Capsule collection, Isolde originally debuted at New York fashion week. Since then, this fierce and fabulous beauty has been one of the most lusted after Loub styles.


#10 Salsbourg

Stunningly intricate with snaking loops of crystal strass, this version of the Salsbourg could take any LBD from the office to the red carpet.


#11 Daffodile

We first spotted these killer heels on Beyonce at the 2011 NBA All-Star game. Get it, girl! These towering platforms with Aurora Boreale strass could only be Loubs.


#12 Gomorrhe Flat

You might think Louboutin is all sky-high heels and knife-sharp stilettos, but they've got some gorgeous flats, too. Take these embroidered loafers reminiscent of La Belle Epoque, for example. Elaborate stitching, simple colors, and of course the red sole.


#13 Very Mix

Very obviously Louboutins and yet much sharper than your average shoe. She may look like a classic peep tow at first, but beware, she's got quite a bit more ferocity.


#14 Love   

The Love Loubs were Louboutin's first shoes and were originally designed for Princess Diana. "I always wanted her to have love at her feet," the designer said. The "love" toe has been made on pumps and flats, in red, gold, and crystal, and we love them all.

#15 Classic

Whether you go with the Elisa, Pigalle, or this Bianca, it's the black patent leather, towering heel, and signature red sole that make this Louboutin look a classic.


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