Sunday, 24 August 2014

Meet Sid the Sheep who is worth a whopping £152,000 - the price of TWO Porsches

Vicious Sid weighs in at 100kg meaning he is worth approximately £1,500 per kg  
AN eight-month-old sheep has been sold for a staggering £152,000 - almost double the price of a PORSHCE.
Shepherd Richard Cockburn had a day to remember at the annual Scottish National Texel sale.
After bidding went berserk, the hammer finally went down at £45,000 guineas for his young ram - making it the second most expensive sheep to ever be sold in the UK. 
Knap Vicious Sid proved to be a golden fleece at Lanark Market on Thursday because, weighing in at 100kg, he is worth approximately £1,500 per kg.
Although Mr Cockburn, from Crieff in Perthshire, has been a top breeder of Texel flock for years, this was by far his best price.
"I always thought he was a really decent lamb, but you never expect that sort of money," he said.

Mr Cockburn is a well-known shepherd of Blackface flock at Connachan Farm but runs his own 25-ewe Knap Texel flock with girlfriend Dianne Wood as a hobby
His previous best price for a lamb was £7,000 guineas.
Sold to a three-way consortium, Vicious Sid now faces a life of siring sheep in various flocks, with his offspring going for big premiums. 
Texels are a sought-after breed of domestic sheep originally from the island of Texel in the Netherlands, which is popular for its quality and lean meat.
Vicious Sid is a son of Tamnamoney Tuborg Gold, which was bought by Robbie Scott from Drumpark, at Lanark in 2012, out of a home-bred prolific show-winning ewe.
He was sold in a three-way split to Charlie Boden for his Cheshire-based Sportsmans flock, Keith, Alan and Roy Campbell of Drimsynie, Argyll for their Cowal flock, and Hugh and Alan Blackwood of Auldhouseburn, who are well-known for breeding Blackface sheep at Muirkirk.
To keep up with traditions, the majority of farm live-stock are sold at guinea markets, which are worth around £1.05p. 
Ayrshire breeder Mr Blackwood described the prize lamb as "head and shoulders above the rest."
"He is just completely different and has a real class about him. He has a presence around him that is hard to explain. He is just a head and shoulders above the rest, with so much character," the 27-year-old said.
"I knew as soon as I saw him on show that he would be the best one I would see." 
Vicious Sid will be transported to Edinburgh where his semen is to be frozen and stored as back-up "in case anything happened to him", Mr Blackwood added. 
He will also be shared with the consortium and used to artificially inseminate ewes. 
The highest price ever achieved for a sheep is £231,000, paid by Jimmy Douglas for an eight-month-old Texel tup, Deveronvale Perfection, in Lanark, in August 2009.
In September 2011 it was reported that a single Dolan sheep - a rare breed of only about 1,000 was up for sale in China, where the highest bid reached 14 million yuan (£1.4 million), although no sale was agreed.
Top Dolan sheep can secure upwards of 300,000 yuan (£30,300) for one dose of semen.

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