Friday, 14 February 2014


Taking a walk on the streets of London, my mind took me back to the way African slaves lived in Europe, how in heavens name did they survive during winter?  with no clothing , no shelter, nothing to keep them warm, freezing weather as bad as -1degree.

Well now its all a story, this current day you meet black girls here and they tell you sorry i am not attracted to black guys

There are millions of reasons to believe in a better world, for every Monday morning, There's is a Saturday night out. 
For every Tank being built there are thousands of cakes been baked .
For every person running from the law..... there are hundreds running for a cure.
Each time a red card is given .. there are 12 celebratory hugs .....
For every display of hatred there are 5000 celebrations of love.
For every embarrassing moment .... there are 500 more we can enjoy ... for everyone who doesn't get along.... there are many more sharing love. HAVE A LOVELY Valentine's DAY

''Time flies quickly, don't waste it on nonsense. "

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