Friday, 27 December 2013

Tips for Men to Stay Fertile

No Hot Tubs
It is a known fact that hot water can kill sperm. The best method is to refrain from really hot showers or baths. Nice cold showers are in your immediate future.

Protein can help grow healthy sperm. This is as good of an explanation for me to run out and get some protein shakes. *Wink* If your or your husband do not like protein drinks, just make sure to eat your daily supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Vitamins are vital to having healthy semen. Vitamins, such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E can benefit the men's sperm under high oxidative stress.
Reduce Alcohol intake
If this isn't possible, just try to drink more water daily. Alcohol isn't good for men or women trying to get pregnant. To be honest, if you are trying or thinking about getting pregnant, it is best to drink alcohol less or or not at all. What we put in our bodies matters! The more you start learning about your body and what is good and bad for it, the more you realize alcohol won't help you in your efforts to get pregnant.
As same as with the female body, it is important that the male drink plenty of water throughout the month. Not only will water flush out the system, but it is healthy to drink,
Don't wear Confining Underwear
To be blunt, no tighty-whities. The less confined, the more breathing room the male has to expand his possibilities for fertility. Go out and by some boxers for maximum results. *smile*
Trying to conceive is one of the most important parts in our lives. The journey we begin to having a little baby is a priceless journey.

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