Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Buying The Best Gadget: What You Need To Know : Apple or Android?

1. Do You Even Need It?
As much as this question speaks for itself, check within you and tell yourself the absolute truth, Do YOU REALLY NEED A TABLET? While you can tackle productivity tasks on a tablet, you won’t get a desktop-grade operating system, like you’ll find on a PC. Plus, since we’re talking
about tabs here, we’re talking about on-screen keyboards. Of course, there are plenty of worthy add-on hardware keyboards, especially for the iPad, but few will provide the same comfort you’ll experience with a laptop or a desktop.
Tablets do have advantages over both laptops and phones, offering a more portable way to check email, browse the Web, video chat, watch movies, listen to music, and play games than your laptop can provide, but with a bigger screen than on your smartphone. Even so, you probably don’t need one, but if you want a tablet, read on.
2. Budget
The money at hand is another major factor, if your answer from the above question is YES, then you have to consider how much you spending on a Tab, you can visit GSMARENA for price range and specifications
3. Choosing An Operating System
The operating system is an important choice. Android is available on numerous devices, so you have some choice of hardware. It offers widget support, slightly superior multi-tasking and easy integration with Google’s services. It’s a good choice for anyone who want to tweak or customize their device.
If you go with Android I highly recommend buying a tablet with Android 4.1 or better. This new update has made some significant changes to the way the user interface is rendered that improve responsiveness
Apple’s iOS is the perfect choice for users who want something that feels smooth and intuitive, but it’s also not a bad choice for enthusiasts who want a huge app selection. Apple’s App Store is significantly better than Google Play.
4. Wifi Only or WiFi and Cellular?
Well, if you live in this part of the world where WiFi networks are not easily accessible, you might want to consider getting a tablet with the ability to use a Sim card which compliments the WiFi capability because if you frequently need to use a tablet outside of an area with Wi-Fi the built in 4G/3G radio is an added advantage and added cost aswell.

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