Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Kind of Girl You Don’t Let Go – Paul Okoye (P-Square)

When a girl disobeys her parents just to please you,
When a girl spares her busy schedule and sacrifice just to see you,
When a girl says sorry even though she didn’t do anything wrong,
When a girl cries because she still loves you,

When a girl still tries to get you back when you argue,
When a girl no matter how much you hurt her still loves you,
when a girl stops her argument with her guy to save her relationship,
When a girl continuously makes you feel special and tries to make you happy no matter how you treat her as an option and mistreat her,
When a girl is upset but does not tell you as she thinks she is annoying you,
When a girl has tried all her best and wants to quit and leave you because of your rude behaviour but she is not able to do, B
…That girl is a keeper and they are very rare. Don’t let her go! Because one day someone will walk into her life and make her realize why it didn’t work out with you, then you will realize that you just lost a precious treasure.

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