Monday, 8 April 2013

Biggest Girls in Bowen University


This young damsel is what one would call a combination of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, her sexiness and luscious lips, packaging and attitude are a few of her attributes that puts her on our Biggest girl list. A 300 level student of Mass Communication, she is cool, love making friends and hanging out. She wants to major in Public Relations and also do something big in the fashion line.

She’s quite fair, cute with a sexy appeal, no wonder she has entered our list of Biggest girls in Bowen University. She is a 400 level student of Mass Communication who is fun, fierce and fearless. After her Youth Service, she wants to work with a Television station as an entertainment presenter, then afterwards go to school of fashion.


This tall, fully loaded babe has got what it takes to be one  of the biggest babes in Bowen University, she’s got swag ad knows how to groove well. She is a 300 level student of Mass Communication who wants to go full time into modeling, event planning and marketing,she is fun loving, caring and patient, she also loves making friends and hanging out.

source: teexclusive

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