Monday, 19 November 2012

PDP chieftain asks Fashola to soft-pedal on traffic law

A chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos state, Dr. Segun Ogundimu had asked Governor Raji Fashola to soft-pedal on the new Lagos traffic especially as it affects the operation of commercial motorcyclists popularly known as "okada

Ogundimu made this known while addressing journalists at the state PDP secretariat in Lagos today.

Ogundimu who was a former commissioner for transportation in Lagos state noted that the restriction of movement on Okada has worsened the transportation means in the state as people are now confronted with more challenges on daily basis than they can cope with. He added that the alternatives people are left with are quite harsher.

"The alternatives opened to the public include the BRT operations which is a good concept but is being badly operated. The taxis charge exorbitantly because of high rapid returns on service of the high loans given to operators.

"There is also the use of the popular danfo and Molues with the attendant infestation with bedbugs,  unkempt rough seats and risk of ‘one chance’ a common
parlance associated with regular robbery attacks in these vehicles.  Also there is an option of   trekking up and down the dusty/ muddy streets of Lagos. Good as this may be health-wise, certainly does not fit into the 21st century Public transportation arrangement," Ogundimu said.

The party chieftain was however quick to appreciate the fact that there are enormous challenges for the state government in the transportation. He said issues like increasing population of okada operators, ill-trained, ill-kitted and unlicensed operatives,Increasing tendencies of operators to be hired by negative groups to
perpetrate nefarious activities state- wide and constant breach of traffic rules, among others are true worrisome developments.

The former commissioner said notwithstanding the challenges enumerated, Okada operators should be allowed to ply their trade unhindered.

"No one tries to kill an ant with a sledge hammer without damaging the platform on which the ant rests. The only viable and swift means of affordable Public
transportation in Lagos today is the OKADA mode," Ogundimu said.

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